the origin of flour“The Origin” is the first book in the series that educates children on how the food we use in our daily diet is made. Children reading this book by themselves or together with adults will learn about the way all food travels from a field to the shelf of a shop, by examining illustrations and reading a story written in verse.

The idea for this book came to the author while telling children about how food is produced nowadays and its way from the field. By explaining both the buildings we see around us as well as their use, how they host the production and creation processes of a specific product, the books will also provide information about professions related to production of a specific product.

Book series “The Origin” compiles knowledge of both lecturers of the Faculty of Food Technology of Latvia University of Agriculture, and food production specialists. Some of the largest companies in Latvia also share their knowledge.

About the artist

maija lidumaMaija Līduma acquired professional education in the Department of Visual Communication of the Art Academy of Latvia. Since 2008 her illustrations and comics can be found in a variety of publications – Baltic comics magazine “KUŠ”, magazine “Medicus Bonus”, comic book about adventures of three friends How Three Friends Conquered The Roadcruncher (“Kā trīs draugi Ceļgrauzi pieveica”) etc.. Maija Līduma has also illustrated Rumpus (“Tracis”), a poem by Jānis Poruks, in children’s favourite illustrated poetry book series “Bikibuks”. This year, artist’s warm-hearted and jovial characters are joined by the curious family of “The Origin”, ready for exciting expeditions and adventures.

About the author

kristine jacino“Kids are curious and they’re interested in how everyday things are made. Why certain operations take place and who makes them happen? Because of that an idea was born to explain how most commonly used products are made nowadays. When reading this book, younger children will get a general understanding about how things work, whereas older kids will get a more in-depth knowledge on, for example, flour making process. They will follow a simplified story about the tools involved and processes taking place in buildings seen through their car window while traveling around Latvia,” says author of the book.

Kristīne Jacino has a Ph.D. in food science at the Latvia University of Agriculture, Faculty of Food Technology. She has been perfecting her professional skills in terms of production processes for 13 years at one of the largest food production companies in Latvia.

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